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Xscript vision and benefits

The immidiate key benefit of using Xscript is the seperation of programming logic and content. The same programming logic can be ported and applied to different target applications just by changing the TYPE parameter in an Xscript. This can be achived by various means, the simpler one being hand made alterations. A smarter approach would be to deploy XSL/XSLT scripts to dynamically alter a "master" Xscript into a number target application specific Xscripts.

But the central vision of using Xscript, is the ability to execute serverside applications by "remote control". XML based formats have a series of advantages, out of which one of the primary is the ability to transmit XML data using the standard HTTP protocol. This means that a server based Xscript Engine will be able to execute uploaded/transmitted Xscripts.

To enable a tighter security, a simple authorization schema has been added to Xscript version 1.1. The PROGRAM tag now supports an optional AUTH parameter. If provided, this is matched to an equally optional AUTH registry setting, and only Xscripts which bear this authorization signature will be accepted and executed. The server side authorization code is optional, but if it is given, it is enforced as a validation upon all Xscripts.



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